Route to Market

Ian Dickie Parts

Route To Market

The market segments that we service include fleet owners, logistic operators, mechanical workshops, engineering workshops, retail truck shops, panel shops and cash customers. Ian Dickie has also been approved by one of Zimbabwe leading Insurance companies, as their preferred supplier. We have several focused product divisions; designed to service specific market requirements.

These divisions include engine parts, body panels, suspension components, drive line components, trailer parts, batteries, electrical parts, steering components, wheel & brake components, commercial oil, truck & trailer accessories. Ian Dickie has the necessary footprint to exceed the stated delivery promise, by operating out of 8 locations situated in the major metropolitan cities throughout Zimbabwe.

Each of the 8 locations is a self-standing customer focused operation, each with a sales team consisting of internal salesmen and certain regions have external sales representatives, thereby ensuring that the necessary expertise is on hand to assist the varying customer groups serviced

We want to make presence in every Province in Zimbabwe within the next 5 years